Alcest Les Chants De L'Aurore

Release date:
June 28, 2024
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Limited picture disc pressing. The release of Alcest's debut album 'Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde' in 2007 blazed a unique trail through the underground metal world, eliciting high praise and feverish condemnation in equal amounts. Ostensibly a black metal project, Neige's crew gifted an entirely new perspective to the black metal scene: wherein beauty, fragility, melody and positive vibrations co-exist with the fast, furious aesthetic of true extreme metal. Almost instantaneously influential, Alcest were able to steadily establish themselves as a unique force, both with a series of acclaimed albums and a sturdy reputation as a transcendent live act. 'Les Chants de L'Aurore' draws inspiration from the spiritual childhood experiences that have shaped founder and multi-instrumentalist Neige, both as a musician and a human being. A liberated nosedive into the very notion of consciousness and the layered mists of reality, the seventh Alcest album amounts to a euphoric homecoming.

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