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Album Portrait De L'artiste

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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Portrait de l'Artiste, the second album from Gatineau's Album, feels far murkier and slipperier than their self-titled debut. Here, they intentionally embrace aspects of jazz, but contrary to expectation, this only makes their unclassifiable essence more apparent. Olivier Fairfield (FET NAT, Timber Timbre) and his co-conspirator Simone Provencher (VICTIME ) are well aware of how elusiveness can be wielded persuasively. Their inimitable sound is often a difficult one to describe. 1. Merci (4:40) 2. Salade (4:15) 3. Buee Du Miroir (4:31) 4. Portrait De L’Artiste (4:00) 5. Genre (4:54) 6. 5bpm (3:43) 7. Impression (3:02) 8. 3e Main (2:52) 9. Album (10) (2:35)

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