Alawari Alawari

Release date:
September 9, 2022
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Do you want to see the dark backdrop that creates the scenery for your everyday life? ALAWARI is a musical project with a European sound that brings modern history together in one burning expression and improves the contrasts in life routines. Fragments from ancient wars and revolutions resonate in the music that brings both elements of classical music and jazz into a strong format that has never been more relevant. An orchestral, compositional and improvisational music that seeks to overwhelm and undress the listener's reservations. The debut release ALAWARI, is the distillate of several years of work, immortalized in one album like a musical manifesto that wants to revitalize the authentic music experience. In 2016, the project started consisting of six musicians who quickly made themselves noticed by their telepathic and fabulous animal-like expressions. This was the message after the band in 2017 won the Young Jazz competition, which was the starting point for a European tour in Germany and Poland as well as the intake of some of the most prominent venues in Denmark.. Simon Forchhammer, Jonatan Bak, Sune Sunesen, Frederik Engell, Carlo Becker, and Asger Nissen constitutes the group that through a strong instrumental and compositional surplus seeks to create one intense and present experience that tears the world apart, and invite the listener to rebuild and put it back together. Welcome to ALAWARI LINE-UP: Sune Sunesen Rendtorff - Piano Carlo Janusz Becker Lauritsen - Trumpet & Flugelhorn Jonatan Melby Bak - Double Bass Asger Uttrup Nissen - Alto saxophone Simon Forchhammer - Drums Frederik Engell - Tenor saxophone Featuring: Eigil Pock Steen - Live Processing & Sampling

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