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Akira Yamaoka Silent Hill 4: The Room Original Soundtrack

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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Mondo, in collaboration with Konami, are proud to present the next installment of our on-going SILENT HILL soundtrack series: the premiere vinyl pressing of the final game by series original developers, Team Silent... The soundtrack of the 2004 game SILENT HILL 4: THE ROOM. THE ROOM is quite different from previous games in the series, both in narrative structure and gameplay. Following an all new protagonist who wakes up in a Rear Window meets Room 1408 hellscape. How did he get there? Where does that hole in the bathroom lead? What do those mysterious numbers mean? Cults and ghosts, and of course the eponymous town await our hero, but can he survive, and save his neighbor from certain doom? The inventive subversion of structure is grounded by an incredible and reliably dynamic soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka: Anthemic rock songs, Trip-hop and ambient droning that bring the world of THE ROOM to life, and... afterlife

  • 1. Tender Sugar
  • 2. Waverer
  • 3. Fortunate Sleep - Noone Disturb Her Dead
  • 4. Melancholy Requiem
  • 5. Confinement
  • 6. Drops of Shame
  • 7. The Suicidal Clock Chime
  • 8. Silent Circus
  • 9. Traversing the Portals of Reality
  • 10. Into the Depths of Self Discovery
  • 11. Cradel of Forest
  • 12. Resting Comfortably
  • 13. Nightmarish Waltz
  • 14. Pulsing Ambience
  • 15. Your Rain
  • 16. The Last Mariachi
  • 17. Wounded Warsong
  • 18. Underground Dawn - Never Come
  • 19. Fever Chill
  • 20. Remodeling, Room of Angel
  • 21. Waiting for You (Live at Heaven's Night)

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