Release date:
November 3, 2023
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Akira Mizumoto is a DJ, editor, and writer.His full album 'A.M.', originally released in 2002, will finally be released as an LP on Record Day 2023!!Guest vocalists include Tomomi Sano, Yasuyuki Horigome (ex: Kirinji), and Rie Aoki (flex life).In addition to the remastering of all songs, the artwork will be updated to LP-only version by Keiji Ito, who also worked on the artwork of the original CD.The sound of bossa, jazz, and electronics intersecting with a beat based on 4x4 should be reevaluated today.The music is a collection of gems that color the floor, and we hope that you will experience the reincarnation of club music that transcends the ages and continues to spin.

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