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Aki Yashira Yoru No Album

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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The long-awaited record reissue of the first full-scale jazz album 'Songs Around Midnight' sung by 'Enka no Joou' Aki Yashiro, released in 2013! She remembered her roots as a club singer, and she covered 'popular songs' such as jazz standards and popular songs that she sang in the 1960s with a jazz arrangement. Yasuharu Konishi is in charge of producing and arranging the album. A work that let's you listen to jazz unique to Yatsushiro.

  • 1. Fly Me to the Moon
  • 2. Itsuki's Komoriuta-Isoshigi
  • 3. Cry Me a River
  • 4. Johnny Guitar
  • 5. Summer Time
  • 6. Dead Leaves
  • 7. Sway
  • 8. One Rainy Night in Tokyo
  • 9. Reunion
  • 10. That's It
  • 11. Beyond the Rainbow

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