Adriano Celentano Yuppi Du - Eco

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June 14, 2024
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Six albums by ADRIANO CELENTANO available again on 180gm "GREENYL", newly remastered from the original tapes edited by Pino "Pinaxa" Pischetola. THE BOY FROM GLUCK STREET (1966), AZZURRO (1968), THE STUFF THAT ADRIANO SAID (1969), THE EVILS OF THE CENTURY (1972), YUPPI DU (1975), SVALUTATION (1976). The six albums, musically innovative and imaginative, are even more enhanced by the new remastering, with a sound that always remains current and faithful to it's modernity and originality ("The Boy From Via Gluck" and "Azzurro" are re-proposed with the original mixing MONO). In line with the topics of Adriano Celentano's songs, always oriented towards social and environmental issues, all copies are made of "Greenyl", a 100% ecological and sustainable vinyl, without PVC and with 80% of energy coming from panels solar panels and made of 99% certified recycled plastic.

  • 1. L'affondamento
  • 2. La Messa
  • 3. A Chi Stai Pensando?
  • 4. Va' Chi C'È!
  • 5. La Ballata
  • 6. La Passerella
  • 7. Such a Cold Night to Night
  • 8. La Violenza
  • 9. Do Dap
  • 10. Yuppi Du
  • 11. Il Castagnaro
  • 12. Il Finale
  • 13. Yuppi Du

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