Active Surplus Mirroring

Release date:
July 14, 2023
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Since stepping into the overflow of coastal dance music currents with a remarkable liquidity of buoyant basslines and undulating rhythms, Active Surplus have stripped back and refined their process. The duo’s lush, singular sound has undergone vaporization. And where there is vapour, there is heat. The compositions on Mirroring have a subliminal quality. It is as though new elements and sections simply develop out of the ether while the listener is entranced by the interplay of percussion and arpeggiator that defines the first side of the album. They say a watched pot never boils. 1. Connected Discourse - 7:15 2. Porcell - 5:34 3. Emote Control - 7:36 4. Cerulean Blue - 4:56 5. Silencer - Silencer - 12:04 6. Slow Horizon - 3:39

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