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Acid Arab -Jdid

Acid Arab


Release date: November 08, 2019
Format: LP Album
Jdid (meaning new in Arabic) sees Acid Arab taking a giant step forward on their path, and deepening the dialogue between the northern, southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean (the northern shore extending, in this particular case, to the banks of the rivers Seine, Thames, Spree and Hudson!). It's an intoxicating blend of sharp Western electronic music and Eastern sounds & vocals. Throughout the album, the Parisian crew's club-oriented beats are taken for a ride, from suburban warehouses to smoky basements of Oran & Istanbul, from wide expanses of desert dunes to landscapes of concrete and metal, and are regenerated by the fresh breezes and the inspiring musicians encountered along the way. Jdid features contributions by Algerian vocalists Radia Menel, Sofiane Saidi, Amel Wahby and Cheikha Hadjla, by Turkish artist Cem Yildiz and Syrian keyboardist Rizan Said, as well as tracks written in collaboration with Tunisian/Belgian producer Ammar 808 and with Les Filles d'Illighadad from Niger.
  • 1.Staifia
  • 2.Électrique Yarghol
  • 3.Nassibi
  • 4.Club DZ
  • 5.Rimitti Dor
  • 6.Rajel
  • 7.Soulan
  • 8.Was Was
  • 9.Ejma
  • 10.Ras El Ain
  • 11.Malek Ya Zahri
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08 November 2019 / More records