Acetone I'm Still Waiting.

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November 17, 2023
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Acetone - "I'm still waiting." is a definitive, career-spanning 11 LP box set featuring Acetone EP, Cindy, I Guess I Would, If You Only Knew (On Vinyl for the First Time Ever), Acetone LP, York Blvd., & Prime Cuts (featuring 7 previously unreleased recordings).  Each box set includes a 60 Page, Full Color Book featuring extensive liner notes by J Spaceman (Spiritualized) and Drew Daniel (Matmos/The Soft Pink Truth), never-before-seen photos & more.  This limited edition box set features records pressed on clear vinyl. Each record has been mastered for vinyl at RCA Studio A with lacquers cut at the world famous Abbey Road Studios. "Acetone made music with a deep affection for all that preceded it. Hui Ohana, Kris Kristofferson, The Wailers (both sets), John Prine, Gram Parsons, The Velvet Underground, Brian Wilson... full of frailty, love, pain, satisfaction, and disquiet." - J Spaceman (Spiritualized) "Acetone is a great band, a timeless one, and a band whose records deserve to be out there for a new generation of fans to discover." - Colin Meloy (The Decemberists)  A1. I'm Gone (Acetone EP - 45rpm)A2. For A Few Dollars More (Acetone EP - 45rpm)B1. D. FB (Acetone EP - 45rpm)B2. Cindy (Acetone EP - 45rpm)C1. Come On (Cindy - 33.3rpm)C2. Pinch (Cindy - 33.3rpm)C3. Sundown (Cindy - 33.3rpm)D1. Chills (Cindy - 33.3rpm)D2. Endless Summer (Cindy - 33.3rpm)E1. Louise (Cindy - 33.3rpm)E2. Don’t Cry (Cindy - 33.3rpm)F1. No Need Swim (Cindy - 33.3rpm)F2. Barefoot on Sunday (Cindy - 33.3rpm)G1. Juanita (I Guess I Would - 33.3rpm)G2. The Late John Garfield Blues (I Guess I Would - 33.3rpm)G3. I Guess I Would (I Guess I Would - 33.3rpm)G4. Sometime You Just Can’t Win (I Guess I Would - 33.3rpm)G5. All For The Love Of A Girl (I Guess I Would - 33.3rpm)G6. How Sweet I Roamed (I Guess I Would - 33.3rpm)H1. Border Lord (I Guess I Would - 33.3rpm)I1. If You Only Knew (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)I2. I Don’t Really Care (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)I3. In The Light (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)J1. I’ve Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)J2. The Final Say (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)J3. When You’re Gone (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)K1. Hound Dog (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)K2. 99 (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)K3. What I See (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)L1. Nothing At All (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)L2. Esque (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)L3. Always Late (If You Only Knew - 33.3rpm)M1. Every Kiss (Acetone - 33.3rpm)M2. All The Time (Acetone - 33.3rpm)M3. Germs (Acetone - 33.3rpm)N1. Might As Well (Acetone - 33.3rpm)N2. Shobud (Acetone - 33.3rpm)N3. All You Know (Acetone - 33.3rpm)O1. Good Life (Acetone - 33.3rpm)O2. Dee (Acetone - 33.3rpm)O3. Waltz (Acetone - 33.3rpm)P1. Another Minute (Acetone - 33.3rpm)P2. So Slow (Acetone - 33.3rpm)P3. Chew (Acetone - 33.3rpm)Q1. Things Are Gonna Be Alright (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)Q2. Wonderful World (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)Q3. 19 (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)R1. Vibrato (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)R2. Like I Told You (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)R3. It's A Lie (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)S1. Bonds (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)S2. One Drop (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)S3. Vaccination (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)T1. Stray (York Blvd. - 33.3rpm)U1. O.I.E. (If You Only Knew Outtake) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)U2. Shaker (York Blvd. Outtake) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)U3. Nobody Home (Demo) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)U4. Vibrato (Demo) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)U5. Nothing At All (Live on CJAM Ontario) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)V1. No Need Swim (Demo) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)V2. Cindy (Live at the Lizard Lounge, Allston, MA 5-30-98) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)V3. York Blvd. (Rehearsal Tape) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)V4. She Belongs To Me (Rehearsal Tape) (Prime Cuts - 33.3rpm)

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