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A-Scratch - Plastic Scratch Tricks


Plastic Scratch Tricks

Release date: December 13, 2019
Label: A-Scratch
Seven inch vinyl pressing. Portablism is officially a movement, and that doesn't just mean reformatting old battle records into a 7" format. DJ A-Scratch has been a part of the scene from the beginning, and with his new record "Plastic Stratch Tricks," he will cement his status as one of the most formidable producers of 7" scratch tools. Unlike 2017's popular "Big Wheel Breaks," A-Scratch decided to scrap any instrumental tracks or drum loops, and instead focus on what is most sought-after by portablists: original and fresh scratch sounds. Sure there are some old (fresh) favorites on here, but there are also dozens of sounds and phrases that you've either never heard before, or at least never heard before on this format. And the best part? The tracks here are looped up in-time to be completely skip-proof. This tool is made by portablists for portablists, period.
  • 1. Skipless Track
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13 December 2019 / More records