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A Pale Horse Named Death - When The World Becomes Undone

A Pale Horse Named Death

When The World Becomes Undone (3xLP)

Release date: January 18, 2019
Label: Spv
Format: Box Set
The New York quintet - Sal Abruscato [vocals, guitar], Eddie Heedles [guitar], Joe Taylor [guitar], Eric Morgan [bass], and Johnny Kelly [drums] - continue to excavate vulnerability from venom on their anxiously awaited third full-length album When The World Becomes Undone. A delicate dichotomy drives the avowed and acclaimed “Brooklyn Lords of Doom.” Background infos on Sal Abruscato: Sal Abruscato was born in Brooklyn, NY Started playing drums at age 10. He is the co-founder of Type O Negative with Peter Steele and performed on Slow, Deep & Hard, Origin Of The Feces, Bloody Kisses and various best of and soundtracks. Sal was the drummer for Life Of Agony and performed on River Runs Red, Ugly, River Runs Again, Broken Valley and A Place Where There‘s No More Pain. Additional projects include Supermassiv & My Mortality. He is now the singer, songwriter and guitarist for A Pale Horse Named Death. Includes, 2LP's, CD, beanie, patch, sticker, guitar pick
  • 1. As It Begins
  • 2. When The World Becomes Undone
  • 3. Love The Ones You Hate
  • 4. Fell In My Hole
  • 5. Succumbing To The Event Horizon
  • 6. Vultures
  • 7. End Of Days
  • 8. The Woods
  • 9. We All Break Down
  • 10. Lay With The Wicked
  • 11. Splinters
  • 12. Dreams Of The End
  • 13. Closure
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18 January 2019 / More records