3 Inches Of Blood Long Live Heavy Metal

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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3 Inches Of Blood from Canada started already in 1999 and could present their debut in 2002, still on a small label. This led to a deal with Roadrunner Records, for whom they recorded two albums, followed by a collaboration with the equally renowned label Century Media, where the sensational "Here Waits Thy Doom" was released in 2009. The album not only entered the U.S. charts, but even featured a real scene hit with "Preacher's Daughter". The deliberately slightly pixelated cover artwork still seems a bit bizarre today and might lead you on a wrong track - just like the name of the band, which could also be associated with a much more modern style. The choice of producer could also be described as unusual, because Jack Endino was the figurehead of the grunge scene in and around Seattle in the nineties. But also there is all-clear, because the dry, powerful sound screams only two words: Heavy Metal! In 2009, the medium vinyl was more a case for the collectors and so the entire playing time of the album was pressed on a simple LP, which was anything but optimal in terms of sound. This major shortcoming Golden Core could now finally get out of the world! "Here Waits Thy Doom" is not only released as a double LP in gatefold, but also features two bonus tracks. The audio material was made especially for the medium vinyl and goes sonically more in depth than the CD.

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