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2Nd Grade -Hit To Hit

2Nd Grade

Hit To Hit

Release date: May 29, 2020
Color vinyl
2nd Grade is a power-pop band based in Philadelphia. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Peter Gill (of Friendship, Free Cake For Every Creature, and Flurry), the songs recall the jangly power pop ballads of Big Star, and the lo-fi short and sweet gems of Guided By Voices. From memories of love and loss in the form of recalled favorite songs on forwardly titled 'Favorite Song', to the pains and regrets associated with growing up on 'Bad Idea', 2nd Grade's music embodies a playful and romantic nostalgia in a poignant and relatable way.
  • 1.W-2
  • 2.Trigger Finger
  • 3.Velodrome
  • 4.Something I'll Have to Remember
  • 5.Baby's First Word
  • 6.100 Hrs
  • 7.Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider
  • 8.Shooting from the Hip
  • 9.Over and Over
  • 10.Bye-bye Texas
  • 11.You're So Cool
  • 12.My Bike
  • 13.Sunkist
  • 14.Not in the Band
  • 15.Sucking the Thumb
  • 16.Boys in Heat
  • 17.Jazz Chorus
  • 18.Try to Be on My Side Now
  • 19.When You Were My Sharona
  • 20.Maybe I
  • 21.Summer Interlude
  • 22.Flavor of the Week
  • 23.Summer of Your Dreams
  • 24.Steven's
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29 May 2020 / More records