Notable vinyl releases out this Friday - 9 February (2024)

Brittany Howard What Now

  • Island
There's a double meaning to the title of What Now, the revelatory new album from Brittany Howard. "With the world we're living in now, it feels like we're all just trying to hang onto our souls," says the Nashville-based musician and frontwoman for four-time Grammy Award-winning Alabama Shakes. "Everything seems to be getting more extreme and everyone keeps wondering, 'What now? What's next?' By the same coin, the only constant on this record is you never know what's going to happen next..."
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Chelsea Wolfe She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She

  • Concord Music Group
  • Alternative, Folk
Chelsea Wolfe's latest album, She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She, is a rebirth in process. It is a powerfully cathartic statement about cutting ties, as well as an important reminder that everything we do is ultimately connected.
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David Nance David Nance & Mowed Sound

  • Third Man Records
  • Rock
David Nance and the Mowed Sound, the first album by Nance to be released on Third Man Records, cuts deep. Memories sprout back, like the sounds of a great rock song blasting from the neighbor’s truck as it revs away into the night. There is a definite connection to the past, but the swinging guitar boogie and snarled blues you might expect from Nance and company sounds leaner and completely hypnotic. What remains are 10 tracks from a well-oiled group so rhythmically together that the songs on the album seem as connected as links in a chain.
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Declan McKenna What Happened to the Beach?

  • Tomplicated Inc.
What Happened to the Beach? is Declan McKenna's third studio album. Produced by Gianluca Buccellati, the album features "Sympathy" and "Nothing Works." Single sleeve 140g eco black vinyl printed on responsibly sourced FSC paper from sustainable forests.
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  • Bmg Rights Management US Llc
The first full-length solo release from Dhani Harrison in six years features guest appearances by Blur's Graham Coxon, Mereki and Liela Moss.
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Ducks Ltd. Harm's Way

  • Carpark Records
  • Pop, Indie
Ducks Ltd. make inviting and frenetic guitar pop for when life feels overwhelming. While the band's songs are ostensibly breezy, a palpable anxiety boils underneath that communicates something deeper about everyday existence. On their latest album Harm's Way, the Toronto duo of Tom McGreevy and Evan Lewis hones in on interpersonal and societal collapses, urban decay, and the near-impossibility of keeping a level head when everything around you seems to be falling apart.
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Helado Negro Phasor

  • 4Ad
  • Alternative, Experimental, Latin
While Phasor feels loose and expansive, it's Lange's tightest collection—deep, atmospheric, meticulously executed. It's aligned with 2019's This Is How You Smile, which found him incorporating more upfront drums and bass and focused grooves. Sequentially, it follows the expansive hour-plus long Far In, whose title was inspired by new age legend Laraaji and created in lockdown, in Marfa, Texas - lyrically digging into connection and focused on being in quarantine. Phasor, in turn, is an homage to going outside again. It's a returning-to-life record, remembering what the sun feels like and letting it warm your skin.
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Itasca Imitation of War

  • Paradise Bachelors
  • Folk, Rock
On Imitation of War, songwriter and guitarist Kayla Cohen advances Itasca into rockier terrain, with a suite of smoky nocturnes and uneasy idylls surveying, with refreshing urgency, mythologies and psychologies both classical and personal. Co-produced by Robbie Cody (Wand, Behavior), these ten sturdy set-pieces represent the loosest, leanest, and most smolderingly electric guitar-forward recordings of Cohen's deepening catalog.
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Kali Malone All Life Long

  • Ideologic Organ
  • Experimental, Electronic, Modern classical
Kali Malone's anticipated new album "All Life Long" is a collection of music for pipe organ, choir, and brass quintet composed by Kali Malone, 2020 - 2023. Over the course of twelve pieces, harmonic themes and patterns recur, presented in altered forms and for varied instrumentation. A music that draws the listener into the present moment where they can discover themselves within the interwoven musical patterns that can come to resemble the passage of days, weeks, years, a lifetime.
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Madi Diaz Weird Faith

  • Anti
  • Alternative, Folk, Pop
Madi Diaz has been making records and writing songs professionally since the mid 2000s, but it wasn't until she released 2021's History Of A Feeling that she felt the glare of wider notoriety. It wasn't her debut album, but it certainly felt like it. She made her daytime and night time television debuts, embarked on her first solo tour since 2012, and supported Waxahatchee and Angel Olsen on tour, and also collaborated with them on record. Harry Styles handpicked Diaz to open for him in arenas and stadiums in North America, and was so taken by her captivating live show, he asked her to be a member of his touring band, to sing alongside him all over Europe and the UK, as well as continuing to open the show in various cities. After three months on the road touring internationally, Diaz is back in Nashville, and gearing up to release her new album, Weird Faith, perched on the precipice of her moment. Featuring Kacey Musgraves and produced by Sam Cohen and Konrad Snyder, the album feels expansive and exploratory, showcasing her growth as a songwriter and speaking earnestly about the fears that come from falling in love again.
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Sonic Youth Walls Have Ears

  • Goofin
  • Experimental, Rock, Indie, Alternative
Culled from three 1985 gigs in the UK during a transitional and transcendent time in the band's story, Sonic Youth's The Walls Have Ears appeared / disappeared as a 2LP set in 1986, not just a live album but an artful tapestry full of live experimentation with songs, between-song tape segues, darkness, humor and audio verite. It's now issued for the first time officially under the band's auspices.
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The Chisel What A F*cking Nightmare

  • Pure Noise Records
  • Punk, Rock
The punk rabble-rousers have returned with the announcement of their highly anticipated new album, What A F*cking Nightmare, due out February 9th from Pure Noise Records. Recorded by John Atkinson and produced by Jonah Falco (Chubby and The Gang, High Vis, Home Front) the album is a high energy blend of Oi! hooks and hardcore stomp that's sure to please fans of all things loud and catchy.
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Zara Larsson VENUS

  • Epic Records
The highly anticipated follow up to Zara Larsson's 2021 album Poster Girl, comes new album VENUS. It includes singles "Can't Tame Her", and "On My Love” with David Guetta, both of which hit #1 at US Dance Radio. With its elevated sound, eclectic style and unifying visuals, VENUS verifies Zara Larsson as one of modern pop’s most essential stars.
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