A.g. - The Taste Of Ambrosia Black


The Taste Of Ambrosia Black

Release date: August 03, 2018
Format: LP Album
Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. A.G. returns with all-start cast. For this album, he's on his A-game, from beginning to end. Touching on topics from the hip hop biz, street tales and political hypocrisy. The Taste Of AMBrosia is a full meal serving for mature rap devotees who've grown tired of contemporary rhymesayer laziness. Joined by guests including Diamond D, A-Bless and Thirstin Howl III, A.G. backs up his claim that he is ill enough to paint his own portrait, and illustrates a vision of rap immortality that hardcore heads and fellow legacy MCs alike can worship eternally. Label: MEGATRON Bronx/Slice Of Spice

  • 1. Night of Fire Ft. President Ella
  • 2. Everything Is Backwards
  • 3. Magical World
  • 4. What You Talking Bout Ft. Diamond D
  • 5. Losing My Mind Ft. Frank Vocals
  • 6. Fort Apache Ft. Priest Da Beast & Draf
  • 7. Marcus Garvey (Interlude)
  • 8. The Bronx Ft. Diamond D & a Bless
  • 9. Have It Your Way Ft. Cassandra the Goddess & Whispers
  • 10. Price of Fame
  • 11. Dead Presidents Ft. Draf
  • 12. Childs Play Ft. a Bless & Bugz
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03 August 2018 / More records

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